[open-development] "Increasing Interoperability of Social Good Data" Challenge from Gates / Liquidnet for Good

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Have you seen this?


A snip from the text describing the challenge (which has funding for
successful proposals)


The goal of this challenge is to solicit new and innovative approaches to
increase the interoperability of data that can be used for social good. We
are looking for approaches that deal with both the technological and policy
barriers to achieving interoperability, and encourage projects that embrace
the complexity of these issues. We seek solutions that span issue areas
(e.g. education, health, etc.) and/or geographies to the widest extent
possible. Solutions that would be useful for those working in both the
impact investing/social enterprise space, as well as the
philanthropic/nonprofit worlds are acceptable. We will consider submissions
that are focused on a single issue area or geography if the solution as
presented could be used or adapted for other causes or places. In these
cases, it will be important for applications to describe how the solution
could be applied to a different issue or location.

I wonder if there's a joint OKF / Open Development Working Group proposal
here? They note that in particular they are looking to address the

   - Improving the availability and use of program impact data by bringing
   together data from multiple organizations operating in the same field and
   geographical area;
   - Enabling combinations of data through application programming
   interface (APIs), taxonomy crosswalks, classification systems, middleware,
   natural language processing, and/or data sharing agreements;
   - Reducing inefficiency for users entering similar information into
   multiple systems through common web forms, profiles, apps, interfaces, etc.;
   - Creating new value for users trying to pull data from multiple sources;
   - Providing new ways to access and understand more than one data set,
   for example, through new data visualizations, including mashing up
   government and other data;
   - Identifying needs and barriers by experimenting with increased
   interoperability of multiple data sets;
   - Providing ways for people to access information that isn't normally
   accessible (for using natural language processing to pull and process
   stories from numerous sources) and combing that information with open data

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