[open-economics] Yourtopia: Question set

Dirk Heine dirk at common-future.org
Mon Jan 31 09:56:11 UTC 2011

Can we take a quick decision whether we want the new questions, the
current ones or something different? For those who did not like the
csv-file yesterday 10:54CET, here inline:

Old Label (used as quiz questions and in constructing pie chart on
results page): "Household final consumption expenditure PPP (constant
2005 international $)" --> "Total private consumption per household (the
value of all goods and services purchased by the average household)".
This is a lable just for the quiz-questions. For the pie-chart we would
have a shorter label (currently same) in order to not any more make the
text crash (at least on my screen): before "Household final [cut-off]
consumption" --> "Consumption". 

Old: "GNI per capita PPP (constant 2008 PPP US$)" --> "Gross National
Income per capita (total economic output, the value added by all
resident producers)" and pie "Output". 

Old: "Long-term unemployment (% of total unemployment)" --> same, for
pie "Unemployment".

Old: "Poverty headcount ratio at $1.25 a day (PPP) (% of population)"
--> "Absolute poverty (the proportion of the population living on less
than $1.25 a day)", pie "Poverty"

Old "Prevalence of undernourishment (% of population)" --> "The
proportion of the population that is undernourished (who eat less than
minimum levels of dietary energy) .", pie "Undernourishment"

Old "Mortality rate infant (per 1000 live births)" --> "Infant mortality
rate (proportion of life births dying before reaching one year of age)",
pie: "Infant mortality"

Old "Life expectancy at birth total (years)" --> same. Pie: "Longevity"

Old "Unmet need for contraception (% of married women ages 15-49)" -->
"Unmet need for contraception (percentage of fertile married women of
reproductive age who do not want to become pregnant but are not using
contraception)", pie: Family planning

Old "Mean years of schooling (adults aged 25 years and above)" --> "The
average years of schooling that adults received in their lifetime", pie:
Schooling (adults' ⌀)

Old "Public spending on education total (% of GDP)" --> "Public spending
on education as a proportion of a country's gross income", pie: "Public
spending on"

Old "Expected years of schooling - primary to tertiary (children of
school entrance age)" --> "The average years of schooling that children
who enter school today are expected to attain.", pie: Schooling (kids'

Old: "Researchers in R&D (per million people)" --> "The proportion of
the population working in research", pie: "Research"

Please express preferences!



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