[open-economics] posted it

Guo Xu digitalepourpre at gmail.com
Thu Jan 13 10:32:24 UTC 2011

Hi rufus and list,

> Hmm, can you update the issue. The difficulty at the moment is i can't
> reproduce this running locally and wonder if this is to do with
> threading in task in some weird way ..

ok will update the issue on bitbucket - the problem is still there;
but it seems to work for some people - the yourtopia count rose from
13 yesterday to 180 today.

> One thing that we need to check asap:
> <http://appsfordevelopment.challengepost.com/submissions>
> Does not list YourTopia as far as i can tell. What happened? Did we
> definitely submit ok? We should check and then email/contact if
> necessary asap to work out what has happened.

I'm certain that we have submitted it  - if you login using the
details I gave you, it says "submitted" on the website. Also, other
people have raised the question in the forum part and apparently they
are going through each application to check eligibility and whether
it's a running app. so it would be great if we could have the /quiz
issue sorted out before they look at it. there seems to be a huge pile
of submissions that are gradudally added to the page - but have sent
them a mail now to check.


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