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This report, funded by a grant from The William and Flora Hewlett
Foundation with additional support from Pearson, examines the attitudes,
opinions, and use of Open Educational Resources (OER) among teaching
faculty in U.S. higher education. Some of the key findings:
[image: Opening the Curriculum: Open Education Resources in U.S. Higher
Education, 2014]

   - Faculty are not very aware of open educational resources. Depending on
   the strictness of the awareness measure, between two-thirds and
   three-quarters of all faculty classify themselves as unaware on OER.
   - Faculty appreciate the concepts of OER. When presented with the
   concept of OER, most faculty say that they are willing to give it a try.
   - Awareness of OER is not a requirement for adoption of OER. More
   faculty are using OER than report that they were aware of the term OER.
   Resource adoption decisions are often made without any awareness of the
   specific licensing of the material, or its OER status.
   - Faculty judge the quality of OER to be roughly equivalent to that of
   traditional educational resources. Among faculty who do offer an opinion,
   three-quarters rank OER quality as the same as or better than traditional
   - The most significant barrier to wider adoption of OER remains a
   faculty perception of the time and effort required to find and evaluate it.
   The top three cited barriers among faculty members for OER adoption all
   concern the discovery and evalua- tion of OER materials.
   - Faculty are the key decision makers for OER adop- tion. Faculty are
   almost always involved in an adoption decision and — except for rare
   instances — have the primary role. The only exceptions are in a minority of
   two-year and for-profit institutions, where the administration takes the

The report is available for download:

   - PDF version: Opening the Curriculum: Open Education Resources in U.S.
   Higher Education, 2014 (pdf)
   - e-Book version for Kindle (.mobi format): Opening the Curriculum
   - e-Book version for iPad or Nook (.epub format): Opening the Curriculum
   - Infographic: Opening the Curriculum Infographic

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Education, 2014 *is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
International License.


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