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Hi Matt - many thanks for the kind words. Bjoern and Helen Neo obviously deserve huge credit for resources, which have drawn extensively on the work carried out in NZ and globally - we've made a concerted effort to build upon the great materials out there and make them as accessible as possible for school staff. I'm really proud of how generous colleagues and senior leaders at Leicester City Council have been in terms of understanding and supporting the work. I had a meeting with school leaders today where we discussed the new resources and it was great to hear their sense of excitement and conviction that the work represents an important first step for the city. 
We really hope that the work will be of use and benefit to others, and that it will continue to be built upon and developed in the same spirit in which it was produced. 
Best, Josie 


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Hi Matt,
thanks!! As you'll see in the documents, we've drawn on the Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand materials extensively! (And also referred to the recently updated Creative Commons Australia materials.) So we tried to be good OER citizens, and build on previous materials in as much as possible!
All the best,Bjoern
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Hi Josie, all

What great news! Congratulations. We're definitely going to reuse some of these resources for a similar project in New Zealand. 

All the best,

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 Leicester City Council has released four guidance documents and a range of practical information to support school staff in understanding, finding, creating, and sharing Open Educational Resources (OER) today.  The OER Schools resource packs can be downloaded from http://schools.leicester.gov.uk/openeducation The Leicester City Council OER Schools project provides information to school staff about open licencing, and in particular, Creative Commons. Leicester City Council has also given permission to the 84 community and voluntary controlled schools across the city to create and share Open Educational Resources (OER), by releasing the learning materials they create under an open licence. This permission makes sharing resources simpler for everyone, and provides additional opportunities for schools and school staff. Leicester City Council is the first local authority in the UK to provide its school employees with permission to openly license their resources. The OER Schools project resources include: School permission & policy documents:  This pack includes notification of permission from Leicester City Council to city community and voluntary controlled schools, explanatory briefing notes relating to this permission, and model school policies for schools where the LEA is the employer, and for schools where the governing body (or equivalent) is the employer. Guidance documents: Four documents which introduce OER and open education; look at copyright and Creative Commons licences; support staff in finding, attributing and remixing OER; and cover creating and sharing OER. Supporting Documents:  Six supporting documents designed to help staff in delivering OER workshops; provide walkthroughs for finding, using and attributing CC Licensed materials; and include an extensive list of annotated resources and related materials. Additional materials:  A pack of existing openly licensed resources that are either referenced in the guidance or in activities in the supporting documents, provided on a standalone basis to make life easier for school staff.All of the materials build upon existing openly licensed works and are themselves released under a CC-BY licence. They are provided in editable document formats as well as PDF. Please do review, and help us spread the word! Best, Josie   
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