[open-heritage] Open art data

Mia Ridge lists at miaridge.com
Thu Dec 9 23:23:35 UTC 2010

On 09/12/2010 22:31, Rob Myers wrote:
> What I would like to do that is different from the other events is to 
> concentrate specifically on art rather than broader culture or 
> heritage, and to do more on digging into art historical / art critical 
> data. The sort of projects I have in mind are things like:
I think quite a few galleries are considering taking part of 
#spacetimecamp (I'm on the organising committee but not closely involved 
with the negotiations) and I know a few art historians who are curious 
about what can be done with open data who I'm trying to persuade to 
come, but it's not a art-focused event.

Joe Padfield at the National Gallery does some ace work, have you seen 
http://cima.ng-london.org.uk/scientific/index.php ?  It might also be 
worth keeping an eye on the Imperial War Museum, as they have a huge art 
collection and are looking at options for their data (though I'm not 
sure what their copyright conditions are like for works by commissioned 
war artists).  The French seem to be ahead of the UK in terms of 
digitisation but don't offer APIs - maybe they don't need to, if their 
records are available in Europeana.

cheers, Mia

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