[open-heritage] Introduction

Carlos Ovalle cjovalle at ischool.utexas.edu
Sun Jul 11 17:29:31 UTC 2010

Hello, everyone! Alexandra Eveleigh mentioned that I might be interested 
in this group, and I certainly am. ^_^

I'm Carlos Ovalle, a doctoral student, Computer Systems Development 
Specialist, and sometimes lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin's 
School of Information. I believe my interests are similar to Federico 
Morando's- I'm very interested in seeing how different laws affect access 
to records and artificats of cultural heritage, particularly copyright 
laws, in domestic and international contexts. I've worked with the 
American Library Association for several years now on some of their 
copyright efforts, particularly at librarycopyright.net, and I'm currently 
quite interested in examining such effects on other institutions as well. 
I'm very glad to be here. ^_^

Carlos Ovalle

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