[open-heritage] Round Table..

ianibbo at gmail.com ianibbo at gmail.com
Sun Feb 20 10:03:11 UTC 2011

Hi All.

Apologies for the radio silence on this.. The doodle suggests the best
time for this might be 4pm on Monday (Tomorrow). Shall we go ahead
with that? I appreciate peoples schedules may have changed.

Only Makx expressed a preference for telephone or skype. Happy to
attempt skype, perhaps you could all make sure you have emailed me
your skype ID's (ianibbo at gmail.com) or added me as a contact on skype
(ianibbo). I'll try and get everyone added at about 4pm. It might take
a few mins to get everyone set up.

I know we're planning to have a round-table where people talk about
their current plans/priorities/concerns. One thing I'd like to table
ahead of the call is the upcoming OKCon, and a possible CH stream in
the event... If you could all have a think about possible
presentations / speakers / cool CH stuff ahead of the call that would
be ace. I think the event could be a great channel to talk up projects
to a community that might not otherwise be engaged with CH issues.

Look forward to speaking tomorrow.


Ian Ibbotson
W: http://ianibbo.me
E: ianibbo at gmail.com
skype: ianibbo
twitter: ianibbo

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