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Tue Apr 17 07:32:49 UTC 2012

Before there were public collections in archives, libraries and museums, there were private collections. Even today you might be amazed at exactly what is still in homes, factories, offices, social groups etc. http://www.sharehistory.org was set up in the belief that if there was a place on the internet where history could be shared virtually, then we would know more. I have met many historians who don't understand what I am doing because they imagine that all history is already in public hands. They are so wrong!Some of this data is vulnerable to being thrown away, some is simply hidden from use because it is in someone's home. The contributors to Sharehistory add their family or local history and it is wonderfully varied. It goes from the contemporary to as far back as you like. 
Here is a taster of what I am  currently putting online-An estate's title deeds-The history of an agricultural show (all the history has been lost, it is down to private collections and memories.)-A local historian's archive (truly mind blowing)-The finds, over 30 years, of a metal detectorist, postcard, bottle and pot lid collector.-The archive of a japanner's family, including plates etc which a local museum wouldn't even look at. (Luckily the owner thought they were important enough to keep!) 
Help is needed in this important work in these areas.-Content. If you can only upload your own collection that would be excellent, if you could do more and find other collections near to where you live, that would be even better!-Marketing. If you can spread the word please and help in any way with online marketing-Organisation. How to save more of this history?-Web design.
If you have any questions then please email me, Jane Smith, at janekirkland at hotmail.co.ukBest wishes,Jane 

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