[open-heritage] Open Bliblio Hackathon and Workshop, 12-14 June, London

Lars Aronsson lars at aronsson.se
Wed Apr 25 18:19:52 UTC 2012

On 04/23/2012 11:48 AM, Sam Leon wrote:
> The Open Knowledge Foundation will be running an Open Bibliographic 
> hackathon and workshop from 12-14 June in London. Please see below for 
> more information.
> The venue and dates have now been penciled in, but before we finally 
> confirm we'd like to guage two things:
> (1) Who would be interested in joining the hackathon as a *coder* for 
> the full two days. We will be supplying accomodation for interested 
> parties so we can get some serious and focussed hacking done;

What are the participants supposed to code? I hear about
all these hackathons, but what can really be achieved?

I'm starting to see a need wrt bibliographic data, and that
is to index individual articles in journals that I digitize. But
I'm really doubtful that I can do anything about this in a
few days in London.

Here is volume 166 (2002) of Fennia, on the OJS platform,

Here is volume 66 (1940) of Fennia, scanned by myself,

Here is volume 21 (1904) of Fennia, scanned by Google and
then copied to the Internet Archive,

Here is a bibliographic record to a paper in volume 36 (1914)
of Fennia,

How can we get all articles from all volumes into
one search platform? Can openlibrary.org be used?
Perhaps the 12 million MARC records from Harvard
already provide an article index to Fennia?

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