[open-heritage] Neatline

Joris Pekel okfn.joris.pekel at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 11 08:31:56 UTC 2012

Dear openGLAM group,

This week the University of Virginia announced Neatline that "is a
geotemporal exhibit-builder that allows you to create beautiful, complex
maps and narrative sequences from collections of archives and artifacts in
Omeka, and to connect your maps and narratives with timelines that are
more-than-usually sensitive to ambiguity and nuance. In other words,
Neatline lets you make hand-crafted, interactive stories as interpretive
expressions of an archival or cultural heritage collection."

It looks really cool and I am curious how easy it is to actually create
something interesting. If anybody has used it, please share your


Joris Pekel
Community Coordinator
Open Knowledge Foundation
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