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the format of the RA Winter exhibitions remained fairly constant; generally
consisting of Old Master paintings borrowed from private collections
accompanied by works by recently deceased British artists. From 1920
onwards the exhibitions programme began to evolve and the RA started to
organise major art historical survey exhibitions drawing upon expert
scholarship such as Flemish & Belgian Art 1300-1900 (1927), Italian Art
1200-1900 (1930) and French Art 1200-1900 (1932). In addition, for the
first time, supplementary illustrated catalogues began to be published, in
tandem with the traditional un-illustrated `lists of works`. As well as
including reproductions of c.3000 of the works shown in the exhibitions,
these illustrated catalogues included introductory essays by renowned art
historians such as Sir James G. Mann (1897-1962), Sir Robert Witt
(1872-1952) and Adolfo Venturi (1856-1941). These catalogues are now
available to browse and search online via the Royal Academy website<

Many of the works lent to these exhibitions now reside in major museum and
gallery collections such as Tate, National Gallery of Ireland, Yale Center
for British Art, Wallace Collection, etc. We have included thumbnail images
of many of these works, with embedded hotlinks to take the researcher to
the pages on the owner institutions website where larger images and more
information can be found. We've also digitised a selection of installation
photographs from the RA's Photo Archive which show how the exhibitions were

How it works:
Click on the RA Collections<> landing page (<>)

On the RA Collections page click on the Exhibition Catalogue<>
link to view thumbnail images of the title pages of each catalogue. Click
on a thumbnail image to display a large image of the title-page. Use the
Next & Previous buttons to browse through the catalogue. You can also enter
search terms in the Search within the catalogue box to search for artists,
titles and lenders within the catalogue. This will display a list of the
pages on which your search terms were found.

Below the catalogue pages you will also find thumbnail images of some of
the works that were exhibited in the exhibitions. Clicking on a thumbnail
image will take you to a page displaying a larger image and more
information about that work.

You can search across all the catalogues in two ways:

1: Enter a search term in the quick search box at the top of the RA
Collections homepage. This will search through all the exhibition
catalogues as well as the RA's own collections of works of art, historic
books and archives.

2: Click on the Search Exhibition Catalogues<>
option on the RA Collections homepage.

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