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a free-text search of the entire contents of the catalogues for the names
of artists, lenders or titles of works.

We are very excited to be able to make this resource available
electronically to the international research community via the web. This
project was made possible with funding from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation,
to whom we are extremely grateful.

Any feedback and comments that you have about the resource will be
gratefully received and will help us to refine and improve it in future.



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<br><br><p>This is sure to be of interest to many of you:</p>
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e: Feb 19, 2013 8:19 AM<br>

Subject: Royal Academy of Arts Winter Exhibition catalogues (1870-1939) dig=
itised and available via the RA website<br>To:  &lt;<a href=3D"mailto:MCG at j=" target=3D"_blank">MCG at</a>&gt;<br><br type=3D"=
Some of you may be interested in a new resource that has just been added to=
 the Royal Academy of Arts Collections website.<br>

The Royal Academy Winter loan Exhibition catalogues from their inception in=
 1870 to 1939 have been digitised in their entirety and are now available t=
o search and browse online via the Royal Academy Website. <a href=3D"http:/=
/" target=3D"_blank"></a>&lt;=
<a href=3D"" target=3D"_blank">http://www.ra=</a>&gt;<br>


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