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Sarah Stierch sarah.stierch at gmail.com
Sat Sep 22 09:11:26 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

One of the ideas that we talked about on day one of Open GLAM was 
developing a blog roll of sorts that features case studies regarding 
Open GLAM/culture. We tossed around the idea of Tumblr, but, Tumblr 
isn't open source. While I use it for my own website right now, it's 
mainly because I haven't had the time to sit down and teach myself 
WordPress, which is open source.

So a few questions:

1) Would we want to proceed with this in the immediate near future or 
should we wait to further develop content for it? One of our biggest 
problems was that while some documentation exists, it is either not 
public (i.e. sitting on one's laptop, or institutional only) or not 
professional grade documentation. Therefore, we might need a case study 
sprint, first.

2) Would we want do a Tumblr or a WordPress?
     -If we chose to do WordPress, I would not be able to take any lead 
role on creating the page at this time
     -Tumblr is pretty easy to use and most of us could contribute with 

3) If we do chose to do this, what will we call it (address wise and 
title wise)

Thanks for your input,


*Sarah Stierch*
*/Museumist and open culture advocate/*
 >>Visit sarahstierch.com <http://sarahstierch.com><<
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