[OpenGLAM] [Open Glam] New Blog - Open.Marginalis: Medieval Marginalia in Open Access

Kelly Fitzpatrick l.kellyfitzpatrick at gmail.com
Sun Dec 7 19:54:41 UTC 2014

New personal project I've been working on focused around medieval
marginalia as seen in open access collections:

Open.Marginalis <http://openmarginalis.tumblr.com/>

"open.marginalis is a curated aggregation of medieval marginalia selected
from open access collections. Dedicated to boosting the visibility of
digitized content under the licenses CC/CC-BY/Public Domain, this project
aims to guide new users to open access initiatives led by institutions for
casual and scholarly use." - About <http://openmarginalis.tumblr.com/about>,

Thank you for your interest!

Best wishes,
L. Kelly Fitzpatrick
T: (917) 647-2379
Email: L.KellyFitzpatrick at gmail.com
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