[OpenGLAM] LIBER 2015- towards open science: call for papers

Susan Reilly Susan.Reilly at KB.nl
Mon Dec 15 11:54:21 UTC 2014

The Call for Papers for LIBER's 2015 Annual Conference<http://www.liber2015.org.uk/> - to be held in London, UK from 24-26 June - is now open.

Submit your papers<https://www.conftool.net/liber2015> here for the conference, which will focus on the theme Towards Open Science.

Open Science is underpinned by the following broad principles<http://www.openscience.org/blog/?p=269>:
*         Transparency in experimental methodology, observation, and collection of data
*         Public availability and reusability of scientific data.
*         Public accessibility and transparency of scientific communication.
*         Using web-based tools to facilitate scientific collaboration.

It is clear that libraries have a key role in enabling Open Science (see LIBER statement on Open Science<http://libereurope.eu/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/LIBER_Statement-on-open-science-final.pdf>). It is also apparent that libraries will have to show leadership, adapt the way they measure impact and deliver services, and partner with other stakeholders in order to claim this role.Open Science broadly describes science carried out and communicated in a manner which allows others to contribute, collaborate and add to the research effort, with all kinds of data, results and protocols made freely available at different stages of the research process -RIN / NESTA report (2010)<http://apo.org.au/files/Resource/nesta-rin_open_science_v01.pdf>.

This conference invites papers that address these issues, explore the movement towards Open Science practice and policies, and provide examples of how libraries are acting as enablers and identifying and addressing key challenges related to implementing Open Science principles.

We invite submissions of:
*         Research papers presenting theoretical solutions but with a clear illustration on how these solutions can be applied
*         Position papers presenting opinions on some aspect of practice, or describing work that is still in progress but sufficiently mature to warrant attention
*         Experiences and case studies specifying requirements, challenges or opportunities
*         Best practices

Susan Reilly
Interim Executive Director
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Twitter: @skreilly
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