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Subject: [cultural-partners] Wiki Loves Maps seminar & hackathon in
Helsinki, February 5 - 8, 2015
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Hi all,

Wikimedia Finland is organizing a historical maps and geodata seminar &
hackathon as the final event of the Wikimaps Nordic project. Hope you will
find a way to join, online or onsite!

Please ask anything!

Susanna Ånäs / WMFI


Wiki Loves Maps!

Wikimedia Finland arranges a seminar (
http://wikilovesmaps.wikimedia.fi/program/) (February 5, 2015) and a
hackathon (http://wikilovesmaps.wikimedia.fi/hackathon/) (February 6–8,
2015) about historical maps and geodata in collaboration with the City of
Helsinki. In a hackathon developers, designers and domain experts gather to
create new concepts for online services or applications. Wiki Loves Maps
hackathon is part of the Hack4FI event (http://hack4.fi/) .

Seminar February 5, 2015

The seminar will bring into focus location-based projects from near and
far, and discuss citizen participation in gathering and interpreting
cultural heritage. The language of the seminar is English.

Keynote speakers

Mauricio Giraldo

New York Public Library Labs (http://www.nypl.org/collections/labs)
 designs and produces projects that engage audiences in georeferencing old
maps (http://maps.nypl.org/) or recognizing buildings on maps (
http://buildinginspector.nypl.org/), transcribing old menus (
http://menus.nypl.org/) or telling stories of their New York neighborhoods (
http://oralhistory.nypl.org/) .

Peter Neubauer

Mapillary (http://www.mapillary.com/) is a Swedish startup, whose aim is to
create a map with photos of every place on Earth, an independent "street
view" photographed by people. Could the same be done to historical imagery?


Working with Wikimedia volunteers on cultural heritage

Lars Lundqvist from The Swedish National Heritage Board (http://www.raa.se/)
opens the showcase session of cultural heritage partnership projects
between cultural organizations and Wikimedia volunteers from Finland,
Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Estonia.

Case studies

What kind of tools could we use to revive the bygone Aleksanterinkatu in
the city center of Helsinki? We'll familiarize with several projects that
take different approaches to historical geodata.

Cultural hackathons

#Hack4FI (http://hack4.fi/) is the newcomer in the series of Nordic
cultural hackathons. We'll revisit the cultural hackathons of #Hack4DK (
https://hack4dk.wordpress.com/) and #Hack4NO (

Opportunities for citizen historians

In the Nordic countries there are several storytelling platforms created
for cultural heritage, allowing the coming together of the cultural
organizations' materials and the citizens' archives and stories. How can a
third sector actor support the coalescence of public and private archives?
In the panel we will look for ways to collect and recite the thousands of
perspectives of collective memory.

Hackathon 6.–8.2.2015

Historiallinen Aleksanterinkatu

The historical maps and aerial images in the Helsinki Region Infoshare
service (
have become the most popular open content in the service. Now several
metropolitan actors are joining forces in collecting historical archival
material together and participate in gathering materials that tell the
story of yesterday's Aleksanterinkatu.

Do you possess material about Aleksanterinkatu?

Attention museums, archives, city offices, companies, individuals or
research projects! We are looking for maps, aerial images, photographs,
data, printed matter or drawings about Aleksanterinkatu through times,
featuring buildings, people, companies, events or traffic. You can hint and
link materials you know in our Trello page (
https://trello.com/b/fOMmKADd/wiki-loves-maps) or contact us (
http://wikilovesmaps.wikimedia.fi/participate/#contact) !

Join the hackathon!

Participate in a project. You can also start a project and invite
participants to join on the Wiki Loves Maps Trello pages (

Propose a lesson to the Wiki Loves Maps School!

Do you master a skill or a technique that will be useful to the other
participants? Perhaps a piece of software or a technology. Propose a
lesson! (https://trello.com/b/fOMmKADd/wiki-loves-maps) We will reserve a
classroom and make a curriculum. All hackathon participants will be able to

More info

Wiki Loves Maps web

Everything essential about the events at wikilovesmaps.wikimedia.fi (
http://wikilovesmaps.wikimedia.fi/). Twitter #wikilovesmaps (
https://twitter.com/search?q=wikilovesmaps) .


Participation in the events is free. Register and reserve your seats! (


Subscribe to the newsletter! (
http://wikilovesmaps.wikimedia.fi/subscribe-to-mailing-list/) There will be
4 issues before the event and 2 after. The articles will be posted in the
Wikimaps blog (http://wikimaps.wikimedia.fi/)  and in the Wiki Loves Maps
pages (http://wikilovesmaps.wikimedia.fi/) .

Wiki Loves Maps is organized by Wikimedia Suomi ry (http://wikimedia.fi/)
 together with the City of Helsinki. The event is part of the Wikimaps
Nordic (http://wikimaps.wikimedia.fi/) project, supported by the Nordic
Culture Fund (http://www.nordiskkulturfond.org/) .

Image Svenska Litteratursällskapet (

Follow us:
* Website (http://wikilovesmaps.wikimedia.fi)
* Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/events/757195894317147/)
* Twitter (https://twitter.com/search?q=wikilovesmaps)
* Email (mailto:susanna.anas at wikimedia.fi)

*Susanna Ånäs *Käyttäjä:Susannaanas
Wikimedia Suomi <http://wikimedia.fi/> – Wikimaps
<http://wikimaps.wikimedia.fi/> – GLAM
@ <https://twitter.com/WMFinland>WMFinland <https://twitter.com/WMFinland>
 / Facebook <https://www.facebook.com/WikimediaSuomi> / Liity jäseneksi!

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