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Thu May 22 08:33:19 UTC 2014

You are invited to join the free BUA-MOOC on Digital Art & Culture (
http://mooc.pdach.ch). The MOOC starts with a series of three webinars,
taking place on June 4th, 5th and 6th at 4:40 pm (Online Access:

Presenters are Tabea Lurk, Dragan Espenschied, Jürgen Enge, Arnaud Obermann
und Baruch Gottlieb.

The BUA MOOC on Digital Art & Culture is realized in cooperation with the
post-graduate program MAS in Preservation of Digital Art & Cultural
Heritage (
http://www.hkb.bfh.ch/en/further-education/preservation-of-digital-art/ //
http://www.pdach.ch/en/). Partner Institutions are the Rhizome | ArtBase
(The New Museum NYC) and University of Applied Sciences and Art in
Hildesheim/Holzminde/Göttingen Objectives & Course Structure The webinars
provide useful insights into the issues around contemporary media art and
culture, current approaches and preservation challenges. Current net art
and culture appears seemingly unrestricted, ranging from commercial and
social platforms to individual websites, tools and database-driven
applications. As a result it is extremely complex to document and preserve
these artworks. Not only is the environment continuously changing, but also
the meaning of specific technologies can vary between different artworks.
Finding sustainable managing routines is thus challenging. Not only do the
constitutive elements (significant properties) need to be identified before
finding appropriate preservation strategies, but also the risk of loss,
obsolescence and the historical contextualization.

Therefore the MOOC starts with a series of three input webinars. The
contents of the webinars are further extracted and bundled into short video
sequences and then each set of extract made available successively. Our
e-learning platform gives you the opportunity to enhance the acquired
knowledge. For this purpose the e-learning platform provides comprehensive
references, which are regularly updated and amended during the MOOCs. The
blogs and forums provide the possibility to exchange experiences and
connect with other participants.

Date of the MOOC: June 4th to October 19th 2014 Date of the Webinars: June
4th, 5th and 4th 2014 each at 04:30 pm

Access: online https://collab.switch.ch/bua_mooc/.

Technical requirements: Web browser and Internet connection,

No pre-registration necessary.

When entering the room you will be asked to provide your name.

Additional information: http://mooc.pdach.ch

Jürg Hagmann
RIM Consulting <http://homepage.bluewin.ch/cyberhagi/5001.html>
Baden - Switzerland
Blog: http://jhagmann.twoday.net
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