[OpenGLAM] Images for the Future: Lessons learned from 7 years of digitisation

Joris Pekel jpekel at gmail.com
Mon Apr 20 07:25:53 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,

Last Friday I posted a new blog on the Europeana site about the largest
digitisation project the Netherlands has ever seen. Beelden voor de
Toekomst (Images for the Future) was a 7 year project to digitise hours of
audiovisual material and millions of photographs. In March, the closing
event was held at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

In these 7 years some great work has been done. Loads of material was
digitised and made available to the public. The great Open Images
<http://openbeelden.nl/> platform is a direct outcome of this project. Also
a number of smaller and quick projects where batches of content were opened
up resulted in great succes.

But of course not everything went super smooth. In particular (surprise)
copyright turned out to be big blocker, but also the project struggled
greatly with making money out of digitised heritage.

The final report of the project is only on Dutch (right Johan?), so I have
tried to summarise the main outcomes and lessons learned in this blogpost:


I think anybody who is thinking about or working on a digitisation project
should have a look at Images for the Future to learn from.


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