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If you're attending this year's Annual Meeting [http://aam-us.org/events/annual-meeting], we're thrilled to announce a few special guests you won't want to miss at the 26th Annual Muse Awards reception [http://aam-us.org/events/annual-meeting/program/sessions-and-events?ID=3089] and the Media & Technology Breakfast [http://aam-us.org/events/annual-meeting/program/sessions-and-events?ID=3090]!

On Sunday, April, from 6–8 p.m., this year's top innovators in digital media will be announced at a reception honoring the 26th Annual Muse Awards winners [http://aam-us.org/events/annual-meeting/program/sessions-and-events?ID=3089]. Guest speaker, Jesse Lindsley, from Thrust Interactive will talk about advergames to educational games to massive multiplayer online games and museums!

Muse Award winners will be available to meet and greet at the M&T Breakfast on Monday, April 27, 7:15-8:15 a.m. ($35.00) Registration was required for the breakfast and space is limited and event tickets will not be available onsite. Guest speaker, Mike Edson will explore the changing role of museums in a time of rapid change.

On Tuesday, April 28, a #drinkingaboutmuseums event organized by the Media & Technology Professional Network and JHU Museum Studies will be at Studio No.7, 393 Marietta Street N.W. Atlanta, GA 30313, 5-7pm. http://www.studiono7.com/.
See you there,

Media & Technology Professional Network
E-mail: muse at mediaandtechnology.org<mailto:muse at mediaandtechnology.org>

Find us on:
Facebook: facebook.com/MediaandTechnology
Twitter: twitter.com/MUSEawards
Instagram: instagram.com/AAMmuse

SUNDAY, April 26th
Tech Tutorial: Distance Learning: Near and Far, for Museums Big and Small
Media and Technology, Small Museums
Georgia World Congress Center  Sunday   2-3:15 p.m.   B208
Effective distance learning doesn’t require complicated equipment, elaborate lesson plans or expensive software, and it’s not just for school tours or MOOCs. Bayou Bend uses simple and accessible webchat technology (e.g., Skype, Google Hangouts, Facetime) to engage volunteers and visitors with speakers across the street or across the world. A special focus on accessing difficult spaces will be demonstrated, making the session particularly relevant to historic houses, small museums and rural areas.

Tech Tutorial: The GIFs That Keep on Giving: Tumblr Strategies for Success
Media and Technology
Georgia World Congress Center  Sunday   3:30-4:45 p.m.   B208
Animated GIFs can bring your collections alive in engaging ways and can be used on many different platforms, though most prominently on Tumblr. Popular with visitors under the age of 25, Tumblr is a great place to reach younger audiences, yet only 3 percent of U.S. charities and nonprofits use it. In this session you will learn best practices and ideas for using Tumblr at your museum. But wait, there’s more! You will also learn how to make GIFs! Bring your laptop if you want to try it on the spot.

Muse Awards
Marriott Marquis, Atrium B, 6-8 p.m.
Guest speaker: Jesse Lindsley, CEO, Thrust Interactive
The Muse Awards acknowledge outstanding achievement in Galleries, Libraries, Archives or Museums (GLAM) media. The M&T PN recognizes the use of digital media to enhance the GLAM experience and engage audiences, and celebrate scholarship, community, innovation, creativity, education and inclusiveness.

MONDAY, April 27
Media & Technology Breakfast
Marriott Marquis , Marquis B, 7:15-8:15 a.m.   $35.00  (tickets required)
Guest Speaker: Michael Peter Edson, @mpedson
Catch up with your fellow technologist! Don't miss the only opportunity to meet the 2015 Muse Award winners and learn about their projects. There will be ample time for newcomers to get acquainted and for us to talk about technology trends that are impacting all of our galleries, libraries, archives and museums.

TUESDAY, April 28
Tech Tutorial: Demystifying Vine and Snapchat
Georgia World Congress Center  Tuesday   8:30-9:45 a.m.   B208
Social media platforms provide creative ways for museums to engage with the public, but some of these platforms, like Vine and Snapchat, can be intimidating. This session will demystify these two social mediums by explaining the basics of the platforms, their cultures and their potential uses for museums. The session will include a hands-on tutorial during which participants will try their hands at creating 6-second videos on Vine and disappearing messages on Snapchat. Bring your smartphones!

Tech Tutorial: Ready, Set, Play! In-House Game Development
Georgia World Congress Center  Tuesday   1:45-3 p.m.   B208
Are you thinking about developing your own games? You may be surprised to see how easy it is to start. This tech tutorial will cover the in-house game development process, including what you need to get ready, what tools and software are out there to help you, and where you can be publishing. We’ll cover the simplest to most complex solutions out there so that you can know where your museum fits in. http://aam-us.org/events/annual-meeting/program/sessions-and-events?ID=2895

Studio No.7
393 Marietta Street N.W. Atlanta, GA 30313, 5-7pm
Organized by the Media & Technology Professional Network and JHU Museum Studies

Tech Tutorial: E-mail Automation 101: Engaging the Museum Visitor
Georgia World Congress Center  Wednesday   9:15-10:30 a.m.   B208
Designed as an introduction to e-mail automation, the panel will begin with the goals for such integrations, including automation of labor -intensive tasks, immediate surveying of guests and e-mailing based on visitor preference. The presentation will cover interfacing with donor management and ticketing systems, as well as best practices for executing e-mail integration, targeting subgroups of users, automatically e-mailing members for renewals and measuring effectiveness.

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