[OpenGLAM] Coding da Vinci - der Kultur-Hackathon startet nächste Woche!

Helene Hahn helene.hahn at okfn.org
Mon Apr 20 12:30:44 UTC 2015

Hi Vahur,

thanks for your mail and your interest in our hackathon. I'm Helene - 
project lead of Coding da Vinci. We already noticed, that you commented 
on the Stadtarchiv Speyer photos - which is great! :)

To participate in the hackathon is it important to:
- register online http://codingdavinci.de
- use a dataset that we list on our website http://codingdavinci.de/daten/
- present your project on 5th July in Berlin
- publish your project under an open licence

As Bela mentioned before, we unfortunately don't have any travel grants 
available at the moment. Please feel free to ask again in June, maybe we 
will be able to financially help out a bit.

You don't necessarily need to be in Berlin in April to enrole in this 
competition, but it will be necessary to include your project idea in 
our hackdash (will be possible after the next weekend) and keep us up to 
date on how your project is developing.

Will you work with more people on the project? Please ask them to 
register on our website as well.

I was following the Hack4fi hackathon with much excitement and was quit 
overwhelmed by the results and all the great projects! We would love to 
meet you guys in Berlin in person :)

All the best & keep on hacking,

Helene Hahn
Projektleiterin Open Culture & OpenGLAM

Coding da Vinci - Der Kultur-Hackathon

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Am 20.04.15 um 11:36 schrieb Vahur Puik:
> Thank you, Bela, for your answer. One more question below ;)
>     > * is it compulsary to take part in the next weekends hackathon
>     in order to participate in the overall competition?
>     Yes. 
>     Yes, all projects need to involve the data-sets that are offered
>     at this years hackathon, you can take a look at that data at:
>     http://codingdavinci.de/daten/ 
> Why do you not permit remote participation?
> We can't make it to Berlin this week-end (and unfortunately I'm not 
> German speaking either), but we would be happy to try developing 
> something on some specific data set and submitting it for the final 
> event...
> For Hack4.fi <http://Hack4.fi> we developed Sift.pics 
> <http://Sift.pics> -- a slightly gamified image categorisation app 
> (currently only android, download from Play Store 
> <https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pics.sift.app>). All 
> welcome to try!
> with best,
> Vahur Puik
> Timepatch.net <http://Timepatch.net>
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