[OpenGLAM] DPLA Community Reps program

Franky Abbott franky at dp.la
Tue Feb 3 17:09:16 UTC 2015

Help us spread the word! Digital Public Library of America (http://dp.la)
is looking for some great candidates for its Community Reps program.

DPLA is a free, online library that collects cultural heritage content from
institutions across the U.S. We are only about two years old but already
work with content in all 50 states and partners
<http://dp.la/info/about/hubs/> in a growing number of regions. DPLA
Community Reps are instrumental in doing outreach for us in local
communities--introducing new users to the site, building apps and playing
with our data, helping us create new resources, and connecting us with new

We have 120 reps from the first two classes who come from all kinds of
different professional worlds: public libraries, academic libraries,
historical societies, higher education teaching, K-12 instruction,
technology groups, genealogy groups, and museums. They represent the DPLA
by offering a few outreach activities a year and bringing feedback to DPLA
about what interests their audiences and what we can be doing better. The
program is young but has so far been very successful at engaging a broad
community around DPLA's open mission.

The time commitment for reps is small--emailing with DPLA staff, an intro
webinar, and 1-2 activities a year.

More info about existing reps:


The announcement and application for the new class:

Franky Abbott
ACLS Public Fellow
Project Manager
Digital Public Library of America <http://dp.la/>
franky at dp.la
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