[OpenGLAM] Case study: Think big, start small, move fast - How the York Museums Trust started opening up its collection

Helene Hahn helene.hahn at okfn.de
Fri Feb 26 15:38:26 UTC 2016

Hi Lieke & all,

great study, thanks for sharing!

And thanks to everyone who supported us at the Google Impact Challenge!

We didn't win the first price, but have enough funding to actually start
working on Datenschule/ School of Data,
which is very great!
During this year I would really like to include workshops and strategy
trainings for GLAMs within the project to
improve the understanding of data usage, data tools and open data in

I would like to share thoughts and experiences with everyone who is
interested or/and active in this field already,
please ping me in that case :)

@Maarten: We spoke about the great workshops that you do in the
Netherlands, are you planning to run more workshops soon?
I would really like to attend, (since I've missed a lot last year).


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Am 24.02.16 um 13:49 schrieb Lieke Ploeger:
> Dear all,
> You may remember how Martin Fell mailed our list some time ago with
> the great story of how the York Museums Trust opened up their
> collections. Following an interview with him, we wrote up a case study
> on this release, hopefully inspiring other institutions to take steps
> in this direction, because, as Martin put it: “To just say the content
> is not good enough for us, and therefore no one can see it, did not
> sit right with me”.
> The case study by OpenGLAM describes how the York Museums Trust went
> about publishing their online collection, as well as the effect this
> had, including different examples of the reuse of their content. By
> publishing the collection fast, and allowing people to reuse their
> material, even though it was not yet perfect, they managed to engage
> with their audience, stimulate reuse and generate new interest in
> their collection and museums. It is exactly this type of approach
> (think big, start small, move fast) that Michael Edson, Associate
> Director/Head of Digital at United Nations Live Museum for Humanity,
> identified as on of the patterns that accelerates change in
> organisations last year at the Openlab workshop in December 2015
> (inspiring the case study's title).
> The full case study is available
> from: http://openglam.org/2016/02/24/think-big-start-small-move-fast/
> Best, Lieke Ploeger.
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