[OpenGLAM] No Copyright Infringement Intended, 7th April - 21st May

Antonio Roberts antonio at hellocatfood.com
Tue Mar 28 10:31:25 UTC 2017

Hi everyone!

I'm curating an exhibition about copyrigh taking place from 7th April
- 21st May at Phoenix in Leicester, UK.

No Copyright Infringement Intended is a group exhibition exploring the
relationship between copyright and culture in the digital age,
investigating how the concept of ownership and authorship is evolving
and coming into conflict with outdated copyright and intellectual
property laws.

The exhibition features work by Nick Briz, Emilie Gervais, Nicolas
Maigret, Christopher Meerdo, Jan Nikolai Nelles & Nora Al-Badri,
Duncan Poulton, Fernando Sosa, Andrea Wallace & Ronan Deazley. Further
details are here

In addition to the exhibition there will be a panel discussion,
Copyright as Frame and Prison on 28th April
http://www.phoenix.org.uk/event/copyright-as-frame-and-prison/ and a
Curator's tour on 11th May
http://www.phoenix.org.uk/event/curators-tour/ , both of which are
free to attend.

Let me know if there's any questions.

Kind regards,


antonio at hellocatfood.com

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