[open-humanities] Juxta: open source tool for collation/comparison of versions of texts

Jonathan Gray j.gray at cantab.net
Wed Apr 4 07:33:26 UTC 2012

Thought this looked interesting:


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       Subject: Juxta collation software: call for beta-testers

Is textual collation an important part of your scholarship? Are you
interested in new ways to examine differences among versions of the same
textual work?

Calling all beta-testers!

Over the past few months, NINES (http://nines.org) has been working to
adapt its Juxta application (http://www.juxtasoftware.org/) for use on the
web. In order to expand our testing capabilities, we're releasing a version
of the desktop client that offers users the ability to share comparison
sets online.

If you have any sets of textual witnesses to a particular work that you
would like to collate and share, we invite you to sign up and download the
beta version (http://juxta.performantsoftware.com/) to try out some of our
online features. Please keep in mind that this is a trial version of the
webservice, and may be subject to changes and updates over the next few
months. Joining us now ensures that your feedback will make the full
release of the software better than we could manage in-house.

We're particularly interested in those working with TEI-encoded XML files,
so please contact us [technologies at nines.org] if you have a set of files
that may be useful for us to try, even if you don't have time to test out
the software itself.

 Thanks for helping us make Juxta better!

Andrew Stauffer
Director, NINES (http://nines.org)
Department of English
University of Virginia

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