[Open-Legislation] openlaws.eu EU Project starting today

stef s at ctrlc.hu
Thu Apr 3 14:27:42 UTC 2014

On Thu, Apr 03, 2014 at 10:19:00AM -0400, Eric Mill wrote:
> I agree, when traffic grows to some substantial level that the costs are
> non-negligible, raise it with the community and work it out with them.

actually with parltrack it's all the kraakens^Wsearchengines that cause a lot
of daily traffic, those can be handled with a robots.txt. but otherwise
hosting a service costs like 10-30 eur month, hitting any traffic limit would
be very surprising. but i'm sure you can get a vps donated from some ISP for
hosting your stuff, just make sure it's some european owned one, so that the
visitor data gets not directly siphoned to the us spying machine...

otr fp: https://www.ctrlc.hu/~stef/otr.txt

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