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Hi Erik,

thanks for that additional and principled perspective. I think making
distinctions between the legislative, executive and judicial side of things
is in a lot of situations quite useful. As is making distinctions between
artefacts (laws) and process (making laws).

So I am really specifically looking for examples of how open data
concerning laws (and not law making) is being used. How are data sources
like legislation.gov.uk (UK), wetten.nl (NL), or RIS (A) used by the
public/organisations in applications / sites / tools / etc.?

To add context: I am discussing with a gov on opening up their database of
existing laws as (link) open data.  This data set does not contain anything
from the legislative process, which is out of the scope of the gov body
concerned. It only contains published laws and regulations and their
relation to previous versions. So more state gazette like.

Naturally the question comes up if I can point to examples of what is built
on top of comparable data elsewhere. I have a number, but it would be good
to have more / more diverse / more exciting examples than what I currently
have. Examples like parltrack, while exciting projects in their own right,
will not be seen as relevant by the gov body concerned, as it aims at
re-using data they simply don't hold.



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On Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 10:11 AM, JOSEFSSON Erik <
erik.josefsson at europarl.europa.eu> wrote:

>  Hi Ton,
> I think it is unhelpful to draw a strict line between how laws are made
> and use of existing laws.
> The aquis (existing EU law) is constantly used in the legislative process
> (the "making" of EU law).
> The goal of Open-Legislation has to be to open legislation for the people
> who are subject to it in the sense that it should make sense to participate
> in the democratic process.
> We should work towards getting rid of the artificial wall between the
> inner and the outer workings of the EP (and other parliaments). A graph
> with a "copypaste index" per legislative field should be created comparing
> MS laws with what is published in the OJ. It's almost a trivial problem.
> Speaking of trivial, did anyone complete the ACTA diffs project yet? Or
> Telecoms Package III?
> This is just too ugly!
> http://euwiki.org/ACTA/diffs
> http://euwiki.org/Telecoms_Package
> How is the packaging of Catmandu progressing so that we can have some
> tools to work with in DebanParl?
> etc
> //Erik
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>     Hi Stef,
>  Thanks for getting back on this.
>  I am specifically looking for applications / usage of open data on
> existing laws. Parltrack, pippi longstrings are looking at the legislative
> process, or the way laws get made.
>  My question is about the bodies of laws already in place, so after they
> got into force, and to see how they are being used as open data. So I am
> not looking at the parliamentary / legislative side, but at the judicial
> (although not in the sense of verdicts/jurisprudence)
>  Legislation.gov.uk for instance, where you can find all laws for the UK
> for instance has spent a lot of effort of turning it into linked open data.
> Is anyone using that data, and if so how?
>  Dutch existing laws for instance are at wetten.nl and available as open
> data as well. For those I know of a handful of applications and e.g. Kluwer
> Navigator who use that open data in their products.
>  I'm looking for more examples you can think of from countries like
> France, UK, Germany, Austria, Scandinavia.
>  thanks in advance.
>  Ton
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> On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 6:57 PM, stef <s at ctrlc.hu> wrote:
>> On Mon, Apr 07, 2014 at 11:02:48AM +0100, Sander van der Waal wrote:
>> > Some people on this list may have some examples for Ton?
>>  i don't quite get the question, this list is all about that. i'd guess
>> 80% of
>> us have examples: parltrack, pippi longstrings, diriwa, herr nilsson are
>> the
>> first things that come to my mind just what i contributed to.
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