[Open-Legislation] French civil code on git

Benjamin Ooghe-Tabanou b.ooghe at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 11:25:06 UTC 2015

> ok. what you mean is reconstructing the originals from the patches. although
> git can do that, is this the best tool to do so? reversing patches?

Nope in our case it is actually the opposite : reconstructing
"readable" amendmts (i.e. diff) from the diff between the before and
after texts
And git is just a bonus publication tool afterwards for it, of course
most of the work is done with actual data

> you don't have the same amendment submitted by multiple MEPs from multiple
> parties? clearly a sign for someone coordinating stuff in the background, and
> the submitters only being sockpuppets, who are expendable after submitting the
> oppressive/corrupt stuff? (expendable == going back to the industry that they
> sold out to)

Of course so, and being able to trace MPs originating it is the first step

These are different complementary works we also work on, I don't see
why you want to oppose them. Lobbyplag is great but without version
controlled texts, it is unsufficient to really trace lobbies
footprints in actual definitive adopted laws.

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