[open-linguistics] adding new LLOD bubbles

Christian Chiarcos christian.chiarcos at web.de
Sat Apr 7 19:53:51 UTC 2012

Dear all,

while developing the LREC publication, we have modified the description  
for how to add new data sets to the LLOD diagram draft:  

It's four simple steps:

1. The data provider promises that, at some (undefined) point in time,

(a) The data is resolvable through HTTP,
(b) it is provided as RDF,
(c) it contains links to another dataset in the diagram, and
(d) the entire dataset is available under an open license.

As soon as we shift from draft to official status (we should discuss this  
on the list, probably within the next 2 years), every data set that does  
not fulfill these conditions will be removed.

2. Create a web page, a page in the OWLG wiki or a CKAN entry that  
contains a description of the resource. A data sample would be desirable.

3. Announce the resource on this mailing list.

4. Ask the mailing list administrators to add your data set to the SVG  

Feedback (and data sets) welcome ;)


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