[open-literature] Shakespeare over Christmas

James Harriman-Smith jh570 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Dec 22 16:01:46 UTC 2010


After a brief absence, I'm back. I bring good news too: Rufus tells me that
the annotation tool has got some funding, and will soon be complete. This is
amazing, and - in my opinion - thorough deserved.

I've had a look around the site, and I have a few suggestions of small tasks
that anyone with a bit of free time over Christmas is welcome to take up.
Just email the list first to let everyone know that you're doing it. Without
further ado they are:

- Fix a bug on the website: there is a mystery entry in the 'Works' section
under Titus Andronicus, which links through to a blank page of the type used
for the introduction to the plays. All of Shakespeare's works are accounted
for, so I think this blank entry can be safely banished.
- Write a festive word of the day, and forward it to me to put online; here
are some ideas: snow, winter, holly, ale, cakes, gifts...
- Write a short introduction: we only have 11 left! (three of these being
Henry VI) - may I suggest the particularly juicy Merchant of Venice, crying
out for a short introduction...

Right, I think that's everything for now. By the way, we've had a few more
volunteers recently: I've just written to one from Cambridge and another
from Berkeley.

Merry Christmas everyone,

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