[open-literature] Open Shakespeare: Minutes of the Meeting and ACTIONS

Open Shakespeare open-shakespeare at okfn.org
Sat Feb 13 18:14:00 UTC 2010

Good evening,

Fantastic cookies today. Here's a list of what we discussed and what
each of us is going to be doing between now and the next meeting on
27th February. Afterwards is a brief summary of all our 'Big Ideas'.

*Obtain from Varsity, the pictures for the poster and for the flyer
*Edit plays
*Look into printing costs, etc. for Open Shakespeare Edition (see big
ideas section - sorry to attribute this to you without asking, Emma,
but I thought your section was looking a little bare...but then again,
if you have lots of other commitments, don't worry too much about
doing this)

*Make Committee members admins for the fbook group
*Add picture to fbook group, and change email address from gmail to
open-shakespeare at okfn.org
*Upload fbook blurb to the blog
*Write the next two Words of the Week and publish them, making sure to
add 'wotw' tag
*Edit plays
*Message out on TSR
*Work on poster, using image from Varsity
*Write intro for Merchant of Venice

*Write a blog post advertising the Varsity article, and the facebook group
*Write blog post on technology
*Watch the emails
*Edit plays
*Write intro for Richard II

*Fix annotation bug so that annotations stay with the edition; then
send the link to everyone else so they can get annotating
*Change 'Hamlet [tr Guizot]' to 'Hamlet [French, tr. Guizot]'
*Create 'Get Involved' and 'Team' sections on website, the latter with
all the necessary info such as links to blog and wiki
*Put new logo on to site
*Put the minutes on the wiki - I'm afraid I don't have the time right now!

*Prepare flyers: use logo, keep it simple, A5 paper size, send the
prototype round as an attachment to an email/attachment to wiki - must
be done quickly so we can distribute this week
*Talk to Tim to get some publicity
*Edit plays
*Write intros for Merry Wives, and Pericles

*Collaborative writing event to work on 'An Introduction to
Shakespeare' - using online tools?
*Marathon Shakespeare: sequential reading of Shakespeare's sonnets
*Shakespeare quiz
*Audition speech selection evening
*Use facebook and youtube presence to issue challenges, e.g video
playlist of a short play, comic variations on favourite Shakespeare
scene, rendition of favourite play in 2mins
*Use twitter/blog to invite glossing questions, or start a competition
for best gloss
*Get an Open Knowledge Shakespeare printed: research cost, run a
competition for cover art, play will be either Rome and Juliet,
Hamlet, or Midsummer Night's Dream

That's all folks. Or at least I think it is...If I've missed anything,
send it round on this discussion list.

See you soon,


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