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Sun May 2 17:21:20 UTC 2010


Not sure if its ready for download yet. I'm still working on the rdf 
parsing here and realised that it would be raeasier to create a store at 
loading rather than on the fly.

There is a "first draft" of the rdf export here: 

Rufus: cool. still working on rewriting the rdf parser. As above, it 
dawned on me at 11 last night, it would perhaps be easier to create the 
store at loading and use sparql to create the individual letters rather 
than re-parse each time something is viewed. It would also create an 
endpoint which allows re-use of the data as well.

Hope this helps,


On 02/05/2010 15:03, Ben O'Steen wrote:
> Cool - is there a way for me to start playing with this?
> Ben
>> On May 2, 2010 11:18 AM, "Rufus Pollock" <rufus.pollock at okfn.org 
>> <mailto:rufus.pollock at okfn.org>> wrote:
>> Everyone: Iain and I have been working away on openletters /
>> http://opencorrespondence.org/
>> We're now nearly at the point where we have the letters parsed into
>> the db and in the web interface ...
>> Iain: I've now committed the updated cli/loader stuff so you can now
>> load letters (main.py) by doing:
>> $ paster load dickens
>> # or if you want to specify an ini file other than development.ini
>> $ paster load --config test.ini dickens
>> I plan to do some more work later on putting in some templates and
>> using them from controllers (e.g. for displaying letters).
>> Rufus
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