[open-literature] Text Camp

James Cummings James.Cummings at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Sat Aug 6 10:03:11 UTC 2011


I noticed in the upcoming Text Camp you were thinking of using the 
released ECCO texts.  Since ECCO and EEBO-TCP use a TEI-based variant 
SGML we get called on occasionally to transform this to modern TEI P5 
XML for research projects. As such we have developed transformations for 
this that work pretty well.

We have already transformed the ECCO texts not only to TEI P5 XML but 
also to ePub.  We have been creating ePubs for some time for our (free) 
iTunesU releases, but now are working TEI to multimedia EPub 
conversations with things like facing page images or having lines of 
poetry highlighted and read aloud to you.

Because we use TEI as a pivot format for so many things we have also 
produced a RESTful web service (and web frontend) called OxGarage which 
does pipelined document format transformations often using it as a pivot 

Since where possible we tend to license things with the most open 
licence we can, I thought I would mention these things in case they were 
of any help.

ECCO texts, TEI ODD meta-schema and generated RNG schema, and XSLT2 
transformation at:
OxGarage at:
with its source at:
CC-licensed Podcasts:

Sorry that I can't be there on the 13th.


Dr James Cummings, Manager of InfoDev,
Oxford University Computing Services,
University of Oxford

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