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Thanks for organising yesterday. Apart from being fun, it was a useful 
day and good to catch up with folk there.

Looking forward to the bookscanning hack if that gets off the ground. 
Even if not, its something for a quieter weekend.

I've blogged some thoughts at 
which started off as focussed and then moved into something slightly 
different as these things sometimes do.

As per the kitchen conversation yesterday, I've posted an idea onto 
ideas.okfn.org re: the open literature manual though I suggested a 
cookbook might be of more direct use than just a manual: 
http://ideas.okfn.org/ideas/201/create-an-open-literature-manual. I 
suppose it could build on Tim McNamara's suggestion of using some of the 
ebook enlightenment book but also look at other forms of how to do open 

Anyhow, I've got some things to finish up from yesterday but I'll be in 
touch regarding the Dickens once I've finished the latest changes an 
uploaded them.

All best,


On 14/08/2011 13:27, James Harriman-Smith wrote:
> Good morning everyone,
> Apologies for running slightly late, but Text Camp took place 
> yesterday, and I thought that I'd hold off sending this until I could 
> include it.
> News:
> - Text Camp 2011 was a success! Many thanks to JISC (and especially 
> David Flanders) for hosting. A full archive of the day is available 
> here: http://wiki.openliterature.net/tcamp11
> - Text Camp: watch #tcamp11 on twitter for post-event chat
> - Open Shakespeare: new words of the day: needle, crab, purple, skull 
> - http://openshakespeare.org/word
> - First Open Shakespeare edition now good to go: 
> http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/open-hamlet/16428414
> Suggestions:
> - Browse the text camp archive! Lots of ideas and interesting points 
> within!
> - Leave some annotations on Hamlet: http://openshakespeare.org/work/hamlet
> Hope everyone's having a good weekend,
> James
> P.S. I am going on holiday from Monday to Friday next week, and will 
> not be able to reply to emails during this time.
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