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Dear Egon, all,

Good to see (on Twitter) that you were invited to talk with the team preparing the dutch Open Science Plan. As far as I know The Nertherlands will be the second country with such a national plan (after Finland). Of course we will have to see what its goals and scope will be and what actions it will bring. AFAIK it's mainly organizations representing science/scientists/funders that are involved at this stage. Not commercial companies. Still, I agree with your lobbyist warning.


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Dear Jeroen, all,

On Mon, Jan 2, 2017 at 3:20 PM, Bosman, J.M. (Jeroen) <j.bosman at uu.nl> wrote:
> just wondered whether you saw this blogpost about the National Open 
> Science Plan for the Netherlands, including a national platform that 
> are both currently in the making:
> https://tulibrarian.weblog.tudelft.nl/2016/12/17/just-science/.

I had not seen this yet.

> The initiative is from the Ministry and stems from the EU Open Science 
> Conference held in Amsterdam in April 2016.


> Bianca and I were interviewed by one of the authors (Anke Versteeg 
> mentioned in the post) from Delft University and we shared our 
> thoughts, also asking for more openness on the process,

Very good!

> but otherwise we do not now much much
> more. It seems a very much top down approach from the Ministry (Sander 
> Dekker).

Not good. Who are involved?

> I am not sure whether we should just wait and see what comes out of it 
> (early February) or try to influence the process now. Wonder what you 
> all think.

I think we should approach them as soon as possible and meet them halfway!

We can give them very useful feedback and experiences... I have been involved in community outreach in a large cluster of EC-funded projects in the past three years, and there is a lot of confusion and suboptimal decisions (being positive here).

Very importantly, we cannot have this hijacked by (other) lobbyist which can be keen on changing the definition of Open Science as Elsevier (just one example) did recently...

> Have a great Open Science year!

Same here!


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