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Fri Feb 9 08:46:55 UTC 2018

Hi everyone 👋

The VSNU has a [consultation period on the proposed revisions of the ethics code](http://www.vsnu.nl/consultatieformulier.html) from Feb 1 2018-Mar 1 2018. Sounds good, but they [only offer the preliminary text in Dutch](http://www.vsnu.nl/files/documenten/Domeinen/Onderzoek/Conceptversie%20Nederlandse%20gedragscode%20wetenschappelijke%20integriteit%20-%20bestemd%20voor%20consultatie.pdf).

By doing so, all non-Dutch reading scholars with a Dutch affiliation are excluded from providing reflections on the ethics code that will affect them once it goes into effect. And this while VSNU's own numbers show that more and more scholars are international.

I started a [petition](https://www.change.org/p/huijpen-vsnu-nl-english-ethics-code-consultation-for-dutch-universities), because I received word the reason for this lack of an English version was: It was too expensive and difficult to include translations in the revisions process. Please take a look at the [consultation form](http://www.vsnu.nl/nl_NL/consultatieformulier.html) (only available in Dutch) and sign if you agree.

Already, [the VSNU](https://twitter.com/deVSNU/status/961879960486137856)[tweeted](https://twitter.com/deVSNU/status/961879960486137856) that they are looking into the need for an English translation. I think we can leverage this, if more people sign on to the position, to make the VSNU's procedures more inclusive in the future. That this exclusion happened in the first place for cost + logistics reasons is indicative of non-inclusive procedures. Please share this petition if you think this is important.

Cheers and thanks for reading the entire email (you rock! 🙇)
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