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Melanie Imming melanie.imming at surfsara.nl
Thu Dec 12 12:01:00 UTC 2019

Dear all,

Our project ACCELERATE OPEN SCIENCE Fostering initiatives that promote Open Science in the Netherlands started September 1st 2019. We will update you regularly on our activities via this mailing list; you can find more info on our website https://www.accelerateopenscience.nl/. 

At the moment we are talking to the different initiatives focusing on promoting Open Science that already exist in the Netherlands. Also, last week we had a productive team meeting which was mainly dedicated to discuss the set up of a series of info sheets.

There is a need for easy accessible and short info about a few ‘hot topics’.  Therefore these info sheets can be helpful to inform people in different institutions. We want to compile the info sheets based on information that is partially already out there, partially missing, or in need of an update.

For the structure we really like to follow the structure of this new site: https://fair-software.nl/ which uses a very crisp and clear ‘5 points about… ‘ structure together with a ‘Why this is important’ and a ‘Help me ‘ section. The idea is to translate this set up into info sheets with links that can be updated and adjusted to the local situation (eg add specific points of contact for help on certain topics).

As a starting point we would like to work on the following topics based on our first round of talks with different initiatives:
•	Plan S;
•	FAIR data/RDM;
•	Open/ FAIR software ( from the user only perspective)
•	Open Access

We will contact people to help us with this: what is the right angle based on info which is already available? We will also organise some dedicated sprints early next year. If you also want to be involved please let us know via info at accelerateopenscience.nl .

Best wishes, also on behalf of the project team,

 Melanie Imming
Community Manager Open Science
Lead NPOS ACOS team (Accelerate Open Science)
SURF | T +31 (6) 52447004 | Skype @melaniekb1 | www.surf.nl |

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