[open-science] Toward tool support for tracking data citations

Heather Piwowar hpiwowar at gmail.com
Fri Nov 19 19:24:32 UTC 2010

Hi open science list,

Since citations to datasets and other nontraditional research products is a
subject near and dear to our hearts, I wanted to spread the word about a
just-launched open document: A Community
 for* improving tool support for tracking citations to nontraditional

As you may know, it is not currently
track citations to datasets through Scopus and ISI Web of Science, even if
the datasets have DOIs or other recognized identifiers.   The purpose of
this hub is to provide:

   - a central meeting ground for the many individuals and organizations
   interested in this issue
   - a living document that captures current unmet needs
   - an area to inventory and develop initiatives to encourage vendors to
   address these issues as soon as possible

Please check it
add what you know, and send the link around to others you know who care
about this issue so that we can achieve data citation tracking through
Scopus and Web of Science ASAP.


Heather Piwowar

DataONE postdoc with NESCent and Dryad
  remote from Dept of Zoology, UBC, Vancouver Canada
hpiwowar at nescent.org
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