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Here a reply from Stevan Harnard, the GreenOA guru to the question whether
index of GreenOA exists or not, which might be a little contribution to the




Dear Peter and Stevan


"I would feel more strongly about supporting GreenOA if we actually built an
index of it"


I always thought that this is or is happening within these two

The two leading lists of OA repositories around the world are the Directory
of Open Access Repositories <http://www.opendoar.org/>  (OpenDOAR) and the
Registry of Open Access Repositories <http://roar.eprints.org/>  (ROAR).


Or does this index really not exist - this then would be the same problem we
face in taxonomy, where have no clue what we published since 1758 the start
date of zoological taxonomic literature that we need to consult to make sure
our names are correct.


Dear Donat,


Yes, ROAR and OpenDOAR are indexing Green OA in that they track the
repositories as well as their content (though the content cannot yet be
sorted reliably by full-text/metadata-only, and
peer-reviewed/non-peer-reviewed, but only by indirect indicators such as
document-type and size).


More important, the all-important annual ratio of institutional deposits to
total annual institutional peer-reviewed research output is not being
tracked, for the simple reason that institutions don't yet know their total
annual research output! They have no mechanism for monitoring it. In fact,
OA repositories will become that mechanism -- but only after it has been
mandated that they must deposit it all! 


Keith Jeffery's CERIF and CRIS's would do this, but they need to be adopted
to do so.


So, yet again, it is Green OA mandates that are needed most, not Green OA


(Yassine Gargouri has been periodically measuring the ratio of annual
ISI-indexed institutional output that is Green and Gold OA, and will shortly
post some results. And the EU has called for proposals to develop a
long-term mechanism for measuring this ratio.)


Cheers, Stevan








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On 15 December 2011 03:24, Peter Murray-Rust <pm286 at cam.ac.uk> wrote:

I would feel more strongly about supporting GreenOA if we actually built an
index of it - it's not fair to expect the scholarly poor to traverse the
tangle of badly organised "free" publications.

I've had an idea like this in the back of my mind for a while. When you're
denied access to a paper on a journal website, it would be great to have a
browser plugin to search institutional repositories etc. for the same paper.
A sort of alternative DOI resolution system. Obviously there's some
technical challenges in that - and the publishers probably wouldn't cheer
for it - but it seems worth exploring.


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