[open-science] some jump Re: Should scientific text be put in the public domain rather than licensed with CC-BY?

koltzenburg at w4w.net koltzenburg at w4w.net
Fri Jan 14 11:33:43 UTC 2011

hi Peter, hi all,

> The major problem is author apathy. Most hand their rights over without thinking. They jump through absurd hoops to publish in the chosen brand. This is an additonal requirement that they will not understand and will not try to understand.

well, l tried my best and here we go:

CTT's first article in the Public Domain published today:

Gratwohl A.: Theoretical and practical issues of autologous versus allogeneic stem cell transplantation in multiple sclerosis, http://www.ctt-journal.com/2-6-en-gratwohl-2011jan14.html

this time in my role as:
C. Koltzenburg, Managing editor 
Cellular Therapy and Transplantation, http://www.ctt-journal.com

University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany 
Mobile: +4917649826236 
<managingeditor at ctt-journal.com> 
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