[open-science] U.S. committee seeks input on effect of copyright on innovation

Diane Cabell dc at icommons.org
Thu May 19 07:15:26 UTC 2011

The Board on Science, Technology, and Economic Policy of the US National Research Council has created the Committee on the Impact of Copyright Policy on Innovation in the Digital Era in order to evaluate and propose how to expand and improve research on the impacts of copyright policy, particularly on innovation in the digital environment. 

Because the issue of the impact of copyright is a global issue and because many of the economists and other researchers working in this field are outside the United States or unable to participate in the deliberations of the Committee in person, the Committee has created a blog to elicit their input. 

The Committee asks for suggestions of people whom it should invite to join the discussions on this blog by posting comments to this post. If possible, include a Web site or contact information for the persons you suggest.  Suggestions can be made at https://commons.georgetown.edu/blogs/copyrightnrc/2011/05/14/task-1-involving-more-people/.

The Committee is also asking for bibliographic input.  https://commons.georgetown.edu/blogs/copyrightnrc/2011/05/14/task-3-expanding-the-bibliography/.

Please share this information.  Apologies if it's a duplication.

Diane Cabell
iCommons Ltd
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