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   *Digital Research 2012*

 10-12 September 2012
 St Catherine’s College, Oxford, UK


 Digital Research practice, tools and infrastructures have been embraced by
researchers across all disciplines. The landscape is changing rapidly, with
the Web as our research environment and also a lens onto our society and
world. Researchers across sciences and humanities are facing the
opportunities and challenges of new forms of data and big data analytics,
and harnessing the technological advances of new devices and
"e-Infrastructure" including High Performance Computing and the Cloud.

   *Digital Research 2012* features an exciting three-day programme with a
great set of speakers, bringing the community together to showcase today’s
digital research practice and innovation and set an influential agenda for
tomorrow. We welcome researchers, research technologists and developers at
all stages of their careers. Here are some highlights of the programme -
please see the website for the full programme and registration information:

 *New Science of New Data Symposium* and *Innovation Showcase* (Monday
10th).  Keynotes from social network analysis expert *Noshir
Contractor*(Northwestern University) on Web Science, government open
data director
*Nigel Shadbolt* on Open Data, and a closing address by philosopher,
computer scientist and political writer *Kieron O'Hara* - with twitter
analytics, geolocated social media and informational citizenship in
between.  Also the launch of the *Software Sustainability Institute's
Fellows Programme *and the community innovation showcase and workshops.

 *Future of Digital Research* (Tuesday 11th).  Keynotes from *Stevan
Harnad*on "Digital Research: How and Why the RCUK Open Access Policy
Needs to Be
Revised", *Jim Hendler* (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) on "Broad Data"
(not just big!), and *Lizbeth Goodman* (UCD) on "SMART spaces by and for
SMART people". Sessions are themed on Open Science (with a data publishing
panel), Smart Spaces as a Utility and future glimpses from the community,
all culminating in a Roundtable discussion on the Future of Digital

 *e–Infrastructure Forum* and *Innovation Showcase* (Wednesday 12th). We
open with a dual-track community innovation showcase, then launch the UK
e-Infrastructure Academic Community Forum where *Peter Coveney* (UK
e-Infrastructure Leadership Council and UCL) will present the "state of the
nation" followed by a Provider’s Panel, Software, Training and User’s Panel
- an important and timely opportunity for the community to review where we
are with the recent UK government investment and determine what's needed in
the future.

 It's free to attend just the *New Science of New Data* symposium or *Software
Sustainability Institute Fellows Programme* launch on Monday 10th, or
the *e-Infrastructure
Forum* on Wednesday 12th (thanks to our sponsors). Full 3-day registration
enables you to attend everything and there's a lot more happening
throughout the event, including an exciting "DevChallenge" hackathon run by
DevCSI, software surgery by SSI and multiple community workshops - plus the
Digital Research 2012 dinner in College and a reception in the
spectacular *Museum
of Natural History*. Please go to
http://digital-research.oerc.ox.ac.uk/registration to register.

   We're very grateful to everyone who has come together to make this event
possible, including e-Research South, Open Knowledge Foundation, Web
Science, the Digital Social Research programme, our Digital Economy
colleagues and the All Hands Foundation.

 We look forward to seeing you in Oxford 10-12th September to discuss the
state of the art and the shape of the future in Digital Research.

Laura Newman
Community Coordinator
Open Knowledge Foundation
Skype: lauranewmanonskype
Twitter: @Newmanlk
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