[open-science] text-mining licence exemplar

anthony at beckhome.info anthony at beckhome.info
Wed Jun 6 13:15:33 UTC 2012

The irony of this situation is not lost on any of us. Amazingly T&F can
not be shamed into doing the 'right thing'. However, in this instance the
need for the message for the community is as important as the



> On 6 June 2012 14:07,  <anthony at beckhome.info> wrote:
>> Thanks Mike and Ross,
>> Unfortunately Taylor and Francis are not going to go for any form of CC
>> licence.
>> The texts in this issues will be made available for 6 months and then
>> revert to T&Fs normal terms and conditions. What I want to do is to
>> allow
>> text mining of the papers for at least that 6 month period and
>> potentially
>> in perpetuity. Hence, I want/need some clause that specifically allows
>> text mining.
> That is not any part of an "open archaeology" theme.
> If you want an "open for text-mining for six months, then paywalled"
> licence, you'll have to write one yourself, for the very good reason
> that no-one else has done anything that silly.
> Sorry if that reply is unhelpful, but it's the truth. Criticism aimed
> not at you, of course, but at T&F.
> -- Mike.

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