[open-science] White paper on implementing CC0 for data in peer-reviewed journals

Iain Hrynaszkiewicz Iain.Hrynaszkiewicz at biomedcentral.com
Tue Sep 11 11:35:09 UTC 2012

Dear all,


Matt Cockerill and I at BioMed Central have published in BMC Research
Notes a detailed proposal for implementing Creative Commons CC0 for data
published in peer-reviewed journals and are seeking responses to a
number of proposals in the paper. The proposals include implementing
Open Bibliography.





And a summary including the key questions we are soliciting responses to
is on the BMC Blog:



Any help in soliciting responses - and responses - from this group would
be greatly appreciated. I'm particularly keen to hear from the


Questions we seek the scientific community's input on:
- How appropriate is public domain dedication for data you (already)
publish in journals?
- How do you define data - what data file types do you commonly publish
as additional files (supplementary material)?
- How might removing legal restrictions on data sharing benefit (or
harm) your research?


This follows our Publishing Open Data Working Group meeting in June 2011
(attended by a number of this group)


and draft Open Data Statement in September 2010


Feel free to contact me directly with any questions.


Best regards,



Iain Hrynaszkiewicz
Publisher, Open Science
BioMed Central

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