[open-science] Call for participation - on-line survey on the uses of research social networking applications

Serena Cangiano serenacangiano at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 15:01:10 UTC 2012

Dear Open Science mailing list members,

i'm Serena Cangiano, PhD Candidate at IUAV University of Venice and
research assistant at SUPSI, the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of
Southern Switzerland.

I'm doing a research concerning the use of research social networks (i.e.
Academia.edu, ResearchGate.net etc) within the academia.
I need to collect data about how these tools satisfy the researchers’ needs
and which functionalities supports better the tasks of networking and
disseminating within the academic community.

Even if the use of this kind of application is now widespread, according to
my preliminary analysis there is still the need to understand how those
applications facilitate research activities.

I have already completed a benchmarking study of the existing tools and
applications that i will make available during the next weeks on the
research official blog: http://researchsocialnetworks.wordpress.com/

Unfortunately i wasn't able to share the results with you during the open
science session at OKFestival.
I hope next year i could be part of your topic stream since the beginning.

So, i write to kindly ask to to participate to this on-line survey about
the uses and users's needs.
The survey takes about 7 minutes.

This is the direct link to the survey:

If you have question or should require more information about the project,
feel free to contact me here or by email serena.cangiano at supsi.ch

Thank you in advance for your collaboration.
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