[open-science] Is It Open Data? status?

Egon Willighagen egon.willighagen at gmail.com
Sun Sep 2 06:40:54 UTC 2012

Hi Jenny,

On Sat, Sep 1, 2012 at 1:07 PM, Jenny Molloy <jcmcoppice12 at gmail.com> wrote:
> The IIOD? site has been retired and archived during a recent OKFN website
> clear up (see Rufus' email below). I haven't tried to make a query but I'm
> assuming you no longer can.

The latest post (a really bad one) and the top query if you 'browse'
is of less than two months ago...


> I agree with Peter that the project definitely
> still has scope and with some care, attention and publicity  (and possibly
> funding) could rise again and have been meaning to contact the list about
> this so thanks for taking the initiative Egon!

I do not think I'd suggest to resurrect it... we tried it, but from
the input I got, it did more bad than good... I liked the idea, but it
just did not work out. CKAN is probably better, allowing us to add
license info (or lack thereof) to data sets, summarize that and send
out reports that USA governmental organization releases 75% as
non-public domain, despite.... (or whatever...) Less personal,
statistically more relevant, and not asking individuals to overrule
their organizational history...


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