[open-science] Open Science Calendar

Stefan Kasberger stefan.kasberger at gmx.at
Tue Aug 6 15:55:56 UTC 2013


so, finally some progress on the open science calendar happened last
weekend. Michael Haubenwallner and me were coding a little bit to
provide an embedable form and google calendar for open science, based on
google spreadsheet, forms and calendar.

this is now a test version to find necessary features. right now it's
not possible to filter the export of the calendar by working group or
spatial area. Also the deletion of an event is not possible right now
via form and the formating of the event is very simple. the deletion
will be added later on, the filtering seems to be a little bit tricky,
we will see.

the question for us right now is, which way should we go?
one calendar for the open science working group or one for the whole
OKFN? i think the working group approach is better, cause on long term,
there should be an own webservice for all okfn related events (with
ticketing, booking and so on...).
the google app code is available, and also the form can be duplicated
pretty fast by hand, so its really easy to create a new form,
spreadshett and calendar.

and are there any features you miss?

so please send us back your wishes and feedback. we also created a
okfnpad for this: http://okfnpad.org/openscience-calendar

cheers, stefan

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