[open-science] Mapping antimatter with CrowdCrafting.org

Peter Murray-Rust pm286 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Aug 7 09:35:30 UTC 2013

On Wed, Aug 7, 2013 at 10:11 AM, Daniel Lombraña González <
teleyinex at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Peter,
>> Is there a discussion group for it? There are some questions I would like
>> to ask about the experiment and I expect others might as well. For example
>> are our points used as data or as an initial step to define the regions to
>> analyze in more detail?
> Not yet, but we will soon :-) We are working on it, hehe. Regarding your
> question, if I'm not mistaken these tracks will be used to analyze again
> those areas and see what is going on.
> I can put you in contact with Michael Doser about this specific issue, he
> will be happy to answer your questions.

I think this is a good example of the value of a mail list and then Michael
could answer to the whole world.

Peter Murray-Rust
Reader in Molecular Informatics
Unilever Centre, Dep. Of Chemistry
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