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Thu Jun 13 21:25:06 UTC 2013

Dear all,

I am the co founder of the HackYourPHD <http://hackyourphd.org> community.
I contact you to present this project but also ask some help for a web
documentary about Open Science that I will conduce across the US this

*What is HackYourPhD ?

*"Hack your Phd" launched in December 2012 in France, brings together a
diverse community around the issues of Open Science and Open Knowledge. It
gathers mostly *young scientists* (PhD students; post-docs; researchers)
but also *other profiles* like designers and social entrepreneurs.

For 6 months, we have constituted a *daily collaborative curation* about
Open Science with a Facebook
group<https://www.facebook.com/groups/499463776745202/>of more than
400 members (in French and English). We also organize
workshops about the new practices in research. The central idea is to use
the collective intelligence emerging from the different horizons
represented in our community through the new tools from science and open
education. HackYourPhd wants to show that new ways of doing research exist,
and can both benefit research itself but the relationship between science
and society as well.

We already have organized *6 events in Paris* about specific topics (e.g
peer-review & scientific evaluation, new data representation with
mindmaping, etc.), and are planning to organize other workshops soon
about intellectual
property & license in research, and how to write collaboratively a thesis.
Each time, a young researcher (PhD student or post-doc) proposes a topic.
HackYourPhD helps him to organize the event, connect people with diverse
profile and write a post in our website after. Most of the article are in
French right now but we will translate it in English soon.

*Project of web documentary about Open Knowledge and Science: “HackYourPhD
aux States”: *

Open Science starts to have more visibility in France, most notably with
the work of OKFN France. But it stays something totally new for a lot of
researchers, media etc. It is important for *HackYourPhD to meet existing
Open Knowledge and Open Science* actors to bring all these good
inspirations in the French community.

We thus launched a crowd-funding campaign that is still running. It's about
funding a trip to meet as many as possible actors of the* Open Knowledge
and Science field to show the diversity of initiatives and point of views
about those new practices.* My wish is to inspire and impact our
communities in France.
You can find there the detail of the trip and the purpose of this project: *

*I contacted you to help me organizing this travel.* I would like* to do
several interviews of open science advocator from academic research,
startups etc.* I would like also to visit some innovative space as
bio-hackerspace, design school, Fablab, etc.
Then I would like to organize one local events in each city to meet you
around a drink. I know that OKFN is organizing a lot of meet up and *I am
keen of to be part of it or even organize one.* I have already subscribed
to the OKFN Boston and San Francisco meet up.

Here is the global schedule with all the cities I will visit:

*July 12th:* San Diego (a biohackerspace is opening soon, Joseph Jackson
*July 16th:* Los Angeles (We already have a meet up with a HackYourPhD
connector let me know if you live there or if you have some contact)
*July 19th to 26th:* San Francisco bay area (I am sure you have a lot of
contact there)
*July 28th to August 2nd:* transit to Seattle
*August 2nd to 8th:* Seattle (I am in contact with the Open Science
*August 9th to 13th:* Montreal (I will organize a workshop about a
crowdfuning project with some friends there)
*August 14th to 20th:* Boston (I have some contacts there but I am sure you
can help me)
*August 21th to 26th:* NYC
*August 27th to early September:* Charlotesville (Open Science center)

 Don't hesitate to contact me to share contacts of open knowledge/science
actors or even couchsurfers’.
We would of course greatly appreciate if you can spread the link of our
crowdfunding campaign in your social networks: HackYourPhD.org/USA


Célya Gruson-Daniel

HackYourPhD co-founder

#OpenScience community "Lets invent a research more open and transparent!"

Site: HackYourPhD.org <http://hackyourphd.org> |
*G+ <hackyourphd at googlegroups.com>
*Twitter : @celyagd <http://www.twitter.com/celyagd> /
Célya Gruson-Daniel
HackYourPhD co-founder
#OpenScience community "Lets invent a research more open and transparent!"
Site : hackyourphd.org
Facebook Groupe <https://www.facebook.com/groups/499463776745202/>
Twitter : @celyagd <http://www.twitter.com/celyagd>/
Google groupe <hackyourphd at googlegroups.com>

Back our crowdfunding campaign "HackYourPhD aux
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