[open-science] Content mining exercise for hands-on workshop

Jenny Molloy jenny.molloy at okfn.org
Sun Oct 27 11:59:20 GMT 2013

Dear Peter, Tony and Ross (and list)

I am running an Oxford Open Science meeting next month on data tools and
Iain Emsley has offered to talk about text mining in literature and

In order to make this a hands-on session it would be great to have an
exercise which is possible to complete in around an hour to give people a
flavour of a piece of software using a 'safe' dataset from which we know
they'll get something. It doesn't necessarily matter what the content is,
it doesn't need to be scholarly   Ross suggested TwitR as a good entry
level in a short session but I'm considering making it a longer event or
running another session at a later date so maybe a data expedition in the
style of School of Data is a possibility!

Would anyone be willing to help come up come up with an exercise?

It would be great to use this as the starting point for more educational
materials on content mining.

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